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Manufacturing and the Cannsult Value Proposition 

Cannsult Understands Manufacturing

From clothing to beverages to fragrances to commercial textiles, Cannsult has guided manufacturing organizations to significant improvements. Whether your organization focuses on highly customized, small-batch production or fully automated high-volume production lines, whether your orders are Make to Stock (MTS), Make to Order (MTO), or Make to Assemble (MTA) type of manufacturing, we understand the unique challenges of your processes.

Understanding Technology’s impact on Manufacturing

As with all other industries, technology continues to have a massive impact on manufacturing. The most important technological advancements that will rapidly change manufacturing in the future are Artificial Intelligent (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and Blockchain. But of course, the impact of technology will play out differently in manufacturing. For example, AI may be utilized to predict when maintenance is required, which will prevent expensive production downtime. 

How we work with you to improve your organization


Discovery and Planning


Prepare Leaders and Infrastructure


Implement Daily Problem-Solving


Root Cause Analysis Projects

Discovery and Planning

  • Understand the organization. (Type of Manufacturing, Customer/Market, Company History, Org Structure)
  • Understand your organizational goals.
  • Understand current challenges and risks facing your organization.
  • Meet the team and understand resource constraints.
  • Prepare a high-level plan including scope, timeline, resources required, and expected ROI.
  • Solidify Statement of Work.

Prepare Leaders and Infrastructure

  • Understand current infrastructure to support improvements. (if any)
  • Identify internal Continuous Improvement Lead(s).
  • Meet with each Departmental or Business Unit Leader. (in scope)
  • Perform an initial Assessment to identify opportunities and to be used as a baseline.
  • For each Department/Business Unit:
    •  Create a high-level process map.
    • Identify KPIs. (aligned with Organizational goals)
    • Establish Visual Performance Management. (A graphical representation of KPIs)
    • Perform a Gap/Opportunity Assessment.
  • Prioritize Gaps and Opportunities.
  • Provide training to leaders (Sponsors, Champions) who will be supporting the Improvement Teams. (2-day training)
  • Provide stakeholder training; a high-level overview of the method, tools, and terminology to ensure organizational alignment. (2-hour training)

Implement Daily Problem-Solving

  • Select initial areas of focus, Departments, Functions, or Work Areas. Which may include core functions, Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, Quality, etc. And/or support functions, HR, Technology, Finance/Accounting, Legal, etc.

  • Prioritize and scope based on impact on organizational goals, logical sequence, and resource availability.

  • Select initial daily problem-solving teams.

  • Provide training for daily problem-solving teams. (5-day training)

  • Implement Daily Problem-Solving and Visual Performance Management in each selected area.

  • Identify issues to be escalated; issues that require a higher skill level to resolve. (E.g. cross-functional issues, high complexity, high risk, high cost, etc.)

Root Cause Analysis Projects

  • With Departmental Leaders, prioritize escalated issues based on impact, logical sequence, and resource availability.

  • Select initial Root Cause Analysis (Green Belt) teams.

  • Provide Green Belt Training (Root Cause Analysis project training) for selected team members; Projects launched during training. (8-day training) 

  • Provide project direction and support throughout the project duration. (Estimate 3 to 4 months for each improvement project)

  • Provide direction and support through project closure.

  • Validate improvement results and calculate ROI.


Cannsult Improvement Examples (Quick Version)

  • Improved Fluctuation of Raw Materials, Components, and Shipping: Cannsult guided the team to create a more efficient and dynamic price management process to allow for rapid, transparent, and effective pricing. Developed clear and concise pricing guidelines (considering all the factors such as customer size, order patterns, customer value, and negotiating power) to create a streamlined process.

Similarities between Manufacturing and other industries

When creating a culture of Continuous Improvement, in some ways, Manufacturing is no different than any other industry in that the same high-level steps apply.

Discovery & Planning
Understanding the Organization's Goals and Current Scenario, White Belt training for the whole organization
Prepare Leaders & Infrastructur
Establish Steering Committee, Functional Leaders complete Blue Belt (Sponsor) Training, Create Functional high-level process maps and identify KPIs.
Implement Daily Problem-Solving
Prioritize and plan for functional daily problem-solving, frontline employees and supervisors complete Yellow Belt training.
Launch and Support Root Cause Analysis Projects
Team Leaders or selected participants complete Green Belt training.

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