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I enjoyed working with you on many improvement projects using the Lean approach.

Your lead in keeping focused, making it simple and fun was natural. That got engagement from all in the project teams and delivered results in a timely manner.

Nigel Beeby

Process Engineer at MM Kembla

I met Riaan on a learning mission to Japan to study the Toyota Production System via the Honsha consulting group. I found Riaan to be a gregarious leader who was the perfect fit to lead a culture transformation. He has a deep understanding the philosophy and the tools of TPS. He has the passion for continuous improvement, but best of all he has the personality to provide confidence and a sense of humor to lead people to want to transform. Everyone enjoys being around Riaan.

Kyle Stavig

CEO @ North Coast Container

Riaan is a very knowledgeable improvement professional who has the ability to translate lean thinking into simple sustainable processes for teams to understand and follow. His professional manner and passion for delivering on customer requirements has led to his success in building great client relationships.

Keri Stephenson

Purpose driven improvement specialist - Focused on the human side of organisational change.

Riaan has proven his desire to learn and apply Lean. I had the privilege to spend a week with Riaan in Japan as part of the Honsha Japan Executive Development Mission. Riaan demonstrated the humility necessary to learn and contributed to the group with his key insights. It was a pleasure to spend time with him.

Darril Wilburn

Sr. Partner at Honsha.ORG

Clare is one of the most talented professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in my entire career. She is extremely intelligent and has a keen ability to asses organizational issues in a way that is comprehensive, aligned with strategy, and actionable. Her exceptional talents include, but are certainly not limited to, instructional design, training delivery, group facilitation, organizational opportunity assessment, improvement planning, and leadership development.

Greg Burns

President - Burns AssociatesPresident

I first met Riaan in 1997 whilst studying Engineering together, where he was a driven and ambitious student. His hands-on industry experience has provided him with a solid foundation and ultimately set him up to work with some of the world’s most respected companies. Riaan’s constant search for improvement has been evident since his days as a student, and this passion has followed him through his various professional roles. His logical approach to life and work makes him a trusted advisor, whilst his experience and knowledge ensures that he will overcome any challenge laid down before him.

Eliza G.

Specialty Raw Materials and Ingredients for Personal Care

Riaan is extremely experienced and skilled in all things Lean Six Sigma from tightly scoped efforts to large-scale full organizational roll outs. Riaan’s unique approach to creating simplicity and elegance from complex situations is highly effective and contagious within an organization. He has a particular depth of knowledge and skill in caring for the people involved in improvement and change – knowing how to create sustainable practices that are embraced, owned and enjoyed by those in the process is key to sustainable results. Riaan is a man of action, gets immediately involved with individuals and teams at every level of organizations with ease bringing the fun and exciting aspects of Continuous Improvement to life. Riaan’s curiosity and strong desire to solve problems and seize opportunities inspires others to learn new things, to try new ideas and to continually strive for greater results. If you’re lucky enough to work with Riaan du Plooy…you’re lucky enough!

Clare DiFrisco

Organizational Transformation | Post-Merger Integrations | Executive Strategy & Execution | Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

I was lucky enough to work in a Brewery with Riaan – That’s two bonuses!
Riaan learned the brewing process far quicker than his peers due to his passion for beer, but more importantly his drive to understand where optimization opportunities were – these included loss elimination, throughput improvement by improved process engineering and quality first time right saving time, cost and energy.
Clearly this was just the start to his passion of Lean Manufacturing and his Black Belt wisdom.

I would certainly recommend Riaan to any manufacturing company that is looking to run leaner, improve margin and make higher quality products.

Craig Groeneveld

Director at Master Brewer Consulting PTY (Ltd)

Riaan is the one who made me interested in Lean, he is great in understanding processes and creating customised lean solution to bring real improvements.
He presents Lean in a very simplified manner so that it get absorbed easily by all levels of employees from different area of expertise.
Being a technical manager it was nit easy to accept lean philosophy, but Riaan could do this to me, where i could relate Lean principles to very easy to very complex topics.

Gaurav Sharma, Ph.D.

Food Innovation and manufacturing

Riaan and Cannsult have been a phenomenal asset for our company. We have engaged them for several key initiatives and they have taken the opportunity to learn our entire business and help rebuild our processes from the ground up. Riaan and team have worked very hard and went above and beyond their scope of duties to deliver truly fantastic results. We are very thankful to be working together with Cannsult.

Nicholas Kovacevich

Entrepreneur and Executive

Energetic, insightful and driven. I had the pleasure of working with Riaan and watching him lead the Lean journey at Givaudan from Good to Great, Fresh to Sustainable, Reactive to Methodological (all the hard parts).
Riaan connected positively with all the operations team and will be an asset to any business that needs a total, sustainable Lean solution that engages the hearts and minds of teams.

Ali Farid

Business Owner / DirectorBusiness Owner / Director

Riaan is a passionate specialist in business improvement. He has a keen eye for detail without losing site of the strategic objective. A keen skill in developing and coaching people and enjoys challenging the status quo. A valuable asset to any CI project.

Les Wingham

COO at Industry Partners AustraliaCOO at Industry Partners Australia

Riaan is someone who is able to observe a situation and get to the core of what is needed to be done.
He brings a wealth of experience from various industries, a “lets get it done” attitude and an experience working across different cultural scenarios
Highly recommended .

Ross Lucas

Business Coach- Fragrance Industry

Riaan is a dynamic and charismatic professional that understands the value of the esteemed Lean Six Sigma philosophy. He is a grounded that individual that looks to maximize his talents and seeks to help other professionals grow.

Dmaine Harris

Lean Six Sigma Management Consultant, Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Agilest, Scrum, Business Transformation

Claire is always professional and results driven – while also being personable and fun. Her approach to team training or consulting is to bolster the individuals as well as provide keen insights for continuous improvement of their processes or projects.

Carolyn S Talasek

Business Owner at CST Consulting, Inc.

Claire is highly experienced, competent, professional

Cynthia Gonzalez

B2B/B2C/C2C/B2G/C2B with expertise in Sales, Operations, Marketing and Funding.

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